Fast, high-productivity line for the coffee industry

Fast, high-productivity line for the coffee industry


Sacmi provides customers with close support to supply complete lines.

Sacmi, leader in the plastic caps and closures industry, has extended its technological range to the single-serve production sector, offering its skills for the development of new-generation solutions and tools that allow high productivity, energy savings and outstanding final product quality. Sacmi is capable of providing individual capsule-making machines or creating a complete system that - thanks to close collaboration between Sacmi, key partners and subsidiaries - produces the capsule, fills it, packages it and places the packs in boxes ready to be palletized.

Compression moulded capsules


powder filling in compression moulded capsules


  • Shorter cycle time and therefore higher productivity
  • Less energy consumption
  • Easily maintained molds
  • Quick colour changeover process
  • Less waste = lower costs
  • No injection point on the finished product
  • Different types of resins can be processed and even combined
  • Independent molds

Compression moulded capsules


See CCM in action, find out how it works in detail and what are its main features.

compression molding systems in action


The Sacmi R&D facility: a key partner for all-round support

The Sacmi Research Facility provides customers with skills and service: from the initial capsule concept to simulation, analysis, prototyping and the finished product. Sacmi offers the possibility to prototype each product that can be manufactured by the machines in its range. Pilot tooling on several single head machines and 3D printing are just two of the ways of testing the characteristics of the products in advance. Pilot molds can be manufactured in just a few weeks at our facilities.

R&D capabilities for plastic capsules

  • Thermographic analysis of plastic heating and thermoforming
  • Testing of packaging materials, forming and sealing tests
  • Dynamometric tests on lid/foil application
  • Analysis of plastic thickness distribution (materials, EVOH layer...)
  • Top-load test and top-load simulation via FEM studies

  • Prototyping of mock-up samples and prototyping machine for small sample batches
  • Investigation of material/product barrier properties
  • Functionality tests
  • Design solutions